Characteristics of a Successful Call Center Manager

Managing a call center full of employees goes beyond simply overseeing employees. Your employees must trust and respect you to be the authority on any difficulties they may be having with work, but you also must constantly be working to encourage employees to better themselves and also be aware of any improvements you can make in your personal managing style. Although.
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5 Things Your Contact Center Employees Won’t Tell You

You know how critical your contact center staff is to your success. As the front line of your business, they touch your customers’ lives and leave an indelible impression on your bottom line. What motivates them? What makes them try harder and work smarter? Here are five concerns your staff faces and strategies you can use to make the most of this vital.
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What Agents Are Looking for in a Schedule

For managers, a lot of thought goes into mastering the art of scheduling. Determining and assigning shifts can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but it is an activity that needs to be done in every contact center. Instead of guessing what the agents want when creating the schedule, the following tips may be helpful in knowing what they actually want. 1..
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New Year’s Resolutions for Contact Center Supervisors

December is coming to an end. And with 2015 just around the corner, it is only natural to think of the changes you hope to implement within the workplace. As you transition to the New Year, consider adding these noteworthy goals to your New Year’s resolution list. 1) Be a teacher and a student. As a contact center supervisor, you serve as a professional mentor,.
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Verint Media Recorder – Customer Feedback Software

Providing quality customer service is one of the main goals of most contact centers. By promoting strong customer service, contact centers are looking to drive their performance and improve their organization’s position in today’s competitive market. With so many companies working towards the same goal, it is natural to wonder exactly what the customer’s think of.
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TDOS: A Threat To Emergency Communication

TDOS (Telephony Denial of Service) is an ongoing threat to basic public safety communications. Information gathered from a multitude of jurisdictions continues to show that this kind of an attack remains a serious threat to public safety. Perpetrators identify a network and then flood it with incoming calls, tying up the network and blocking any emergency calls going.
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FCC: PSAPS Must Be Capable Of Receiving 9-1-1 Texts

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski addressing public safety officials in Arlington, VA. last month, spoke about the need to adapt to modern communication:  “It’s time to bring 9-1-1 into the digital age.” Genachowski went on to say he would initiate a proceeding to gather public opinion how best to transition from current emergency.
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What to Look For in a CRM System

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, solutions are a valuable tool for many companies, including contact centers. In a nutshell, CRM is a system for managing a company’s interactions with its customers, utilizing technology to streamline processes such as sales, customer service and technical support. There are a variety of useful products on the market, including.
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How to Maintain Security in the Cloud

As a relatively new development in technology, many companies are beginning to adopt the cloud in their everyday business functions. The cloud is the Internet, meaning a series of servers that communicate to one another, enabling the user to check email, collaborate with other users and store files. This information is completely online, meaning that it can be accessed.
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