The Pros and Cons of Call Scripting

Call scripting is one of the “hot topics” in the contact center industry, primarily because there are so many opinions on the subject. There are many people in favor of call scripting, while many still remain against it. Do you already do it in your contact center? Are you thinking about incorporating it? If yes, the following information can be helpful to either.
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5 Phrases a Contact Center Agent Should Never Say

There are many times in the course of a day that an agent may be stumped by a question or frustrated with a difficult client. No matter their struggles, though, it is important that they keep their cool while in contact with the client. This article will touch on some of the phrases that many agents find themselves saying in an uncomfortable situation, even though their.
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How to Incorporate Banked Hours into Scheduling

When it comes to agent scheduling in contact centers, flexibility is the name of the game. On the one hand, employees are always searching for flexibility in the hours they work. Contact centers, on the other hand, require flexibility so that they can supply the appropriate number of agents to keep up with varying demand. For both of these interests, it is useful to have.
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5 Secrets to Running a Successful Contact Center

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of things to consider when running a contact center. From choosing the best equipment to hiring agents to optimizing the scheduling, it can be easy to get caught up in the details. Successful contact centers, however, know how to balance all of the requirements along with all of the extra little things that set their contact center.
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How to Handle Homeworking Agents

Virtual agents are a quickly growing trend, forcing many companies to consider the option for their company. While there are a few compromises and downsides to having virtual agents, there are a host of advantages as well. Not only are agents working from home shown to be more productive than those in a physical office space, they facilitate scheduling, typically have.
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I Am a Veteran

This November, KOVA is honored to recognize the bravery of the veterans of the United States Military. I am a veteran. I sacrifice myself to protect you. To protect your mother, father, brother, sister and your way of life. I live to serve. I have said goodbye to my family for months at a time, looking into their tear-filled eyes without knowing if I’ll see.
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Contact Center Solutions

Making the decision between a softphone and desk phone can be a difficult one. Having already made the switch from a traditional switched phone network to a VoIP system, your contact center has proactively taken an important step in the process. By working on a VoIP system, you are essentially working over the Internet, which allows your employees to be more mobile and.
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3 Surefire Ways to Motivate Managers

Contact centers are a rapidly changing environment with more and more responsibility being placed on the managers who lead each individual center. These changes, which come in order to follow a customer based approach, pushes each center to evolve into a more dynamic and complex environment. Managers are expected to understand and command these complexities, balancing.
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