Why You Need LCD Monitors for Your Contact Center

When outfitting a new contact center, or refreshing the technology used in your existing contact center, it’s a good idea to take a look at how the latest hardware and software can help to make your organization function as smoothly as possible. From team member comfort and ease of use to the experience that will be provided to your customers, the equipment and.
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3 Tips for Dealing With the Stress of 911 Dispatching

When many people think of first responders, police officers, fire fighters and EMTs come to mind. Although they may not be first on the scene, 911 dispatchers are actually the first responders to the emergency, listening to and helping people through difficult and often life threatening situations. Dealing with frightened callers and emergency situations can make the life .
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Picking the Perfect Chairs for Your Contact Center

Although it may not seem like it, the furniture in a contact center is pretty significant. Finding the perfect furniture for a contact center has actually been shown to produce improvements in productivity and eliminate stress and injuries in the workplace. The demanding environment of a contact center is especially in need of comfortable chairs and other furniture.
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Choosing the Best Mouse and Keyboard for Your Contact Center

Your computers already have enough tangled cords coming out of it. You can get rid of the majority of them by going wireless. The best ergonomic keyboard for your contact center will help ease carpal tunnel. However, it may not look like your traditional keyboard.  Some may be wireless or have the keys rearranged differently from what you’re used to. A good ergonomic.
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3 Online Public Safety Tips for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

In the current Internet age, information is flowing faster than ever before. While this increased access to information facilitates communication and the ability to stay up to date with world news, it does put users at risk for theft, fraud or other consequences of online activity.  Due to the increasing risk of privacy online, the Department of Homeland Security named.
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How Smart Is Your Smartphone?

More than 90% of American adults own a cell phone, with two-thirds of those owning a smartphone. With so many smartphones in use around the country, Americans are taking advantages of the tools that smartphones offer them including navigation, text messaging and access to social networks. Have you ever thought of a smartphone being so smart that it can be used as a public .
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4 Mistakes Your Contact Center Should Avoid

We all get frustrated when we call customer service for help only to get a response of, “Can you hold for a moment?” That moment can easily feel like forever. Here are some of the worst mistakes a contact center can make – and how to avoid them. Putting Callers On Hold There is nothing more frustrating than being on hold with customer service. Chances are if.
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3 Essential Trick-or-Treating Public Safety Tips

Keeping the children of our community safe is one of the primary responsibilities of a parent and, on holidays such as Halloween, a common responsibility of the entire community. Halloween time is an exciting time of year for many people, especially children. Not only can they collect dozens of pieces of candy; they can dress up like their favorite characters or the.
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5 Tips for Top-Notch Customer Service

For a business like a contact center, customer service is one of the keys to success. Striking the right chord between dealing with irritated clients looking for a quick solution and well-intentioned agents trying to provide the best solution can prove troublesome for many contact center employees. The key to providing better overall service, and increasing your contact.
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