How to Limit Employee Turnover at Your Contact Center

One of the unfortunate facts of contact center management is that there is a high employee turnover in the industry. For your business, supporting this turnover can prove costly in terms of the time and money necessary to retrain dozens of people to do the same job. Instead of mastering the art of training new employees, learn how to run a contact center where you.
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Public Safety Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Outside

Kids naturally love the outdoors, whether it be a park or a playground.  However, with this comes the parental responsibility of ensuring that your kids are safe outside, and ensuring that they know some basic tips. Here are a couple of public safety tips that we at KOVA think would be a good idea for your kids to know.  Consider hanging them up on the fridge as a.
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Calling 9-1-1 Is Just the Beginning

In an emergency situation, Americans are taught to call 9-1-1. The standardized emergency number has a rather short history, but has quickly become the model of what to do when you need help. With a quick call, you can be sure a team will be dispatched to your location and provide you with whatever type of help you need, whether it be medical aid or law enforcement. When.
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Public Safety Tips: Neighborhood Safety for Your Children

With the start of a new school year upon us, families may have moved to new cities over the summer. We at KOVA care about your child’s safety in the neighborhood, whether they walk to or from school, take the bus, or play outside when they get home. Here are some public safety tips to ensure that they remain safe. With a new school year come both excitement and worry .
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The Value of Culture to Customer Satisfaction

In a curious turn of events, deported Hispanics are providing call centers in Mexico with just the employees they need.  Having grown up in the U.S., they are well versed in American culture and slang, unlike their outsourced counterparts in India or Pakistan, for example. Essentially Americans without the legal documentation required to remain in the U.S., their.
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I Am A Firefighter

KOVA is honored to praise the bravery and sacrifice of our nation's firefighters. I am a firefighter. I have seen burning death and devastation. I have seen walls crumble, roofs fall, peoples possessions perish. I have watched forests burn for days and nights. I know that fire is a living thing that eats and breathes, runs and rages. I have walked in .
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3 Training Tips for Helping Difficult Customers

Giving guest service that will generate conversation for your company doesn’t stop at assisting friendly customers. Truly impressive employees and managers are able to help all customers, even those who call with angry complaints. The ability to calm down irate customers, no matter what kind of tough customer they are, and fix their problem will generate positive.
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How To Step In As A New Contact Center Manager

Being a contact center manager is not for the faint of heart. Stepping in as a brand new manager for a call center can be even more stressful and nerve-racking. That being said, here are a few tips to help make the transition process a little easier. Showing compassion can help you build an engaged workforce Although is it usually advised that you keep a.
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Top Traits of the Ideal Contact Center Supervisor

Call center supervisors are expected to excel at a variety of roles and responsibilities, epitomizing the title of “multi-tasker.” Not only must they manage agents, but also handle challenging customers, organize shifts, report call center metrics to call center management and ensure that quality objectives are being achieved. They must fill the role of expert service .
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