Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback – Assessing Customer Beliefs Correctly

Companies invest a considerable amount of time and money into gathering feedback from its valued customers. Despite their best efforts, most companies end up gathering inaccurate data from their customers. Verint Media Recorder Customer Feedback enables companies, especially call centers, to acquire the truth about what their customers truly think about them. Here is a .
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3 Tips for Creating the Most Effective Employee Schedule

While it is vitally important to every call center to offer quality service to customers, that cannot happen unless your employees arrive at work promptly, and when they are scheduled. Even if you use scheduling software, many small adjustments need to be made on an almost daily basis as employee needs change. Many times these small changes can be forgotten, leaving.
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Public Safety Tips: Watch for School Buses This Fall!

As the school year begins, it is useful to recall that the safety of our children is a common responsibility. Because KOVA cares, we’ve gathered together some tips for public safety officials to share with their communities. As the holidays end, children who are used to the lazy days of summer suddenly have a new routine: one that often includes a mad rush to catch.
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3 Ways to Promote a Positive Call Center Work Environment

The average call center turnover rate is between 26% and 51% annually, which is hardly a surprise considering the daily challenges each call center employee faces as a necessary part of the job. While handling a call with a customer might be unavoidably stressful, the employee experience outside of calls does not have to be. Maintaining a positive, interactive work.
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5 Tips for Training Your Contact Center Staff

Managing a workforce, whether it be a room of 20 people or a room of 200, is never an easy task. It is hard work that requires excellent people skills, the ability to multi-task, as well as the composure to remain calm under pressure. Being manager, you are given the job of not only handling a team but also keeping an eye on operational costs. Your managerial skills can.
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What To Look For When Purchasing Call Center Headsets

Selecting the right headset is an integral part of running a successful and profitable call center. Call center managers closely monitor the average time that an attendant spends with a customer, and are constantly working to increase efficiency and reduce that number. The type of headset that a call center attendant uses can be directly related to the revenue of the.
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Verint Media Recorder Performance Management: Meeting Needs, Exceeding Expectations

For any call center, standardizing performance metrics can be difficult and time-consuming. Verint Media Recorder Performance Management can help make this tedious and difficult task rather simple. As a unified solution, it provides you with the set of tools and structures needed to not only track but also monitor and improve the performance of your workers. Here is a.
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Empowered Employees Deliver Satisfied Customers

The obvious goal of every call center is to maximize their company’s profits by increasing revenues and minimizing costs.  All too often, however, enterprises focus on one side of the equation – to the detriment of the other. One vital but often overlooked dynamic provides a strategy to achieve both: As the two principal stakeholders in the call center process,.
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