The History Behind The 9-1-1 Emergency Number

You might be surprised to find out just where and how the number developed. In today’s society we tend to take it for granted that there is always someone we can call for help in case of an emergency. In the event of a home invasion, car accident, or fire, police and emergency services are just a phone call away. Dial 9-1-1 and you are instantly connected to an.
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4 Vital Child Safety Tips

While it’s important to take care of yourself to avoid crisis, it’s also important to take care of those around you that can’t help themselves. While children have a general awareness of things that are going on, it might not occur to them not to take candy from a stranger; that’s why they have to be reminded. Public safety officials spend a lot of time working to .
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3 Essential Internet Safety Tips

With the rising use of the Internet, it’s becoming more commonplace to be asked for a credit card number or other personal information over the Web. With this growing familiarity with Internet transactions come those who ask for that same information, but are really using this data for themselves. Public safety officials deal with cybercrimes on a regular basis. While.
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Verint Media Recorder Text Analytics for Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to any business because every business, no matter how big or small, depends upon its customers to thrive and flourish. Researchers the world over stress the importance of this aspect of a business continually, more so because it acts as a metric through which organizations can understand, manage and even improve their.
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Audiolog for Contact Centers: Record, Evaluate, Grow

Audiolog is a powerful software solution that grants contact centers the ability to go beyond regular audio recording capabilities. Powered by Verint Systems, Inc., the software enables calls, texts, emails and web chats to be recorded off multiple sources. With advanced optional features, AudioLog helps businesses record, evaluate and grow faster than ever.
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The 3 Traits All Call Center Employees Should Have

Skills that will help your employees provide the best customer service possible Working in a contact center can sometimes be a stressful job. Customers are generally calling because they have a problem, not because they would like to say hello. Dealing with these problems in a calm and effective manner is the heart of any good customer service in a contact center. There.
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Dispatch Software Solutions For Public Safety Organizations

When communication is a matter of life and death, and response time the best means of ensuring a happy outcome for crisis situations, the system that connects people needs to be fast, sharp, and accurate. The evolving nature of modern telecommunications means that existing systems can expect a burden of upgrades as new technology emerges. Dispatch software needs to be.
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A Fresh Look At Call Center Workforce Management Part II

Call center staff are the make-or-break component to any call center. Last time we looked at three ways to reexamine and reinvigorate call center workforce management. Here are three other ways to improve your call center’s performance. 1. Make Action A Priority. The relationship between staff and management is dynamic and reciprocal. If efforts are one sided,.
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A Fresh Look At Call Center Workforce Management Part I

In most call centers, over two-thirds of operating costs are directed to personnel. As the largest single investment of your call center, staffing and scheduling efficiencies are paramount to securing a healthy bottom line. Call center workforce management is a complex process. Optimizing frontline staff’s performance while reducing costs is an ongoing concern, one.
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Staff Training with Workforce Management Software

Call Center Management Is A Whole With Parts Call center management is a blend of key elements that must all be in place and operational if your contact center is to be successful. Skillful team members require support by effective resources that are available when needed, employed in response to an accurately forecasted work load. Service needs to be at quality levels .
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