Call Center Software Can Improve Customer Service

Customer service is vital to keeping your business strong and agile. But for call centers, ensuring the highest levels of customer service can be a challenge. The modes of communication call centers utilize in interacting with a customer base can distort the tone of a message. Being alert to ways telephone and chat communication can be improved in your call center is the.
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4 Ways To Bring Your Call Center To The Cutting Edge

Optimizing your call center’s performance can sometimes seem like chasing a dream. Divergent performance paths among teams and the daily difficulties of scheduling and customer service management can make prioritizing and effecting action difficult. But there are ways to help integrate performance management, team training, and customer service into a streamlined,.
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Keeping Contact Centers Fun

Who said work can’t feel like play? That person surely did not go home loving their job at the end of the day. There are many different contact center games and incentives that you can put into place in your contact center to boost employee morale - which will keep them coming back, as well as increase the positivity and ease of each call they attend to. Power.
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The Science of Tough Contact Center Customers

After you’ve worked at a contact center for a while, you will start to notice that a lot of the people you’re talking to can be grouped into a few different categories. Some of the people in those categories, though, are harder to deal with than others. Here are some problems associated with different personality types, and some contact center solutions to help you.
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3 Common Contact Center Customer Service Mistakes

They call in every day; you talk to different ones for hours on end; you hear their problems and answer their questions: Customers. During the monotony of the workday, it’s often hard to personalize each person’s experience when they call. The process changes from quality over quantity to quantity over quality. However, the race to see just how many customers you.
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Emergency Dispatchers Trained To Coach CPR Save More Lives

Emergency dispatchers can make the difference between life and death. Providing the vital link between a crisis and the corresponding emergency response, dispatchers have helped make our communities safer places. But for all the good work they do, there can sometimes be a missing component in the first response they provide the public. There is a growing movement to .
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NENA Holds Annual Expo

NENA, the National Emergency Number Association, promotes the awareness of 9-1-1 and international three digit emergency communication systems. With 7,000 members in 48 chapters, NENA is the only organization dedicated to 9-1-1 policy, technology, operations, and education issues. The National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) sponsored three.
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How 911 Dispatchers Can Handle Frightened Callers

Working in a PSAP means you will more likely than not encounter frightened callers on a daily basis. It’s important to be able to keep these people calm when they call in so that you can get the needed information to be able to dispatch someone to them effectively, and give them the information they need to be able to get along until emergency personnel arrive on the.
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Risky Responses to Contact Center Callers

Most contact center employees, after doing their job for several months, will come up with their own tips and tricks to better deal with angry customers. One phrase can have a large positive or negative impact on a customer. Here are 5 possible responses that you could give to customers - and the risks that come with each one. “Please calm down.” Your intentions .
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Celebrating World Telecommunications Day

Did you know that Saturday, May 17, was World Telecommunications and Information Society Day? How does one celebrate such a day? The purpose of WTISD is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies can bring to societies and economies, and to bridge the digital gap that has developed in.
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