Introducing the New Insight Center Remote

KOVA is excited to announce the launch of its latest new product: InsightCenter, Remote Edition! The InsightCenter has always been a vital and valuable element in our Audiolog For Public Safety recording system, allowing users the ability to recreate an incident using audio, video, and even text recordings, all in one place. But now this same functionality is available .

4 Ways To Meditate At Work

The hectic pace of a contact center, not to mention dealing with customers on the phone that may not have your best interests in mind, can make for a stressful workday. While there are many different ways you can de-stress at your desk, meditation can help calm you down in a couple of seconds, not to mention refocus your brain so you can get back out there on the phone..
May 26th, 2014|Workforce Management|0 Comments

3 Tips To Prevent Summer Emergencies

As a dispatcher in a public safety answering point, you know that there are some seasons when you receive more calls from people experiencing emergencies, like the holidays and the summer. Here are some public safety tips that you can both use yourself, and pass on to the people you know, to prevent summer emergencies, and hopefully reduce the number of calls you receive.
May 22nd, 2014|Public Safety|0 Comments

KovaCorp’s Silent Partner App – High Speed App Challenge

We here at KOVA are excited to be able to say that our groundbreaking new public safety app, SilentPartner, has been chosen to move on to the next level of competition in the National Institute of Justice’s 2014 Ultra High Speed App Challenge: Using Current Technology to Improve Criminal Justice Operations. For more information about this competition and KOVA’s.
May 19th, 2014|Public Safety|0 Comments

KOVA’s SilentPartner App Reaches Phase 2 of National Institute of Justice’s Ultra High Speed App Challenge!

Exciting news! KOVA is thrilled to announce that our public safety app, SilentPartner, has been chosen to be one of only ten competition entries to advance to the next level of the National Institute of Justice’s Ultra High Speed App Challenge! SilentPartner is a ground-breaking new mobile app that allows emergency responders to use their smart phones to capture data .
May 15th, 2014|Public Safety|0 Comments

Kova Turns Out For 2014 Police Unity Tour: We Ride For Those Who Died

People lucky enough to be able to count a law enforcement officer among their friends or relatives know that above all else, members of the police force are a family. Whether they hail from a small town in Texas or a bustling metropolitan center in New Jersey, whether they’ve ever actually met or not, policemen from all over the country share a strong bond that stems .
May 13th, 2014|Public Safety|0 Comments

I Am A Police Officer

    To all the men and women who dedicate their lives to serving others by becoming police officers, we here at KOVA just want to say thank you.   I am a police officer.   I get up in the morning, just like you. I drink my coffee, just like you. I hug my spouse. I hug my kids. And I say I love you, just like.
May 8th, 2014|Public Safety, Security|0 Comments

5 Tips to Deal With Angry Contact Center Calls

Everyone, over the course of his or her life, will experience a negative conversation with a stranger. A lot of these happen when working in a career that requires constant interaction with those outside the company. This type of situation is often challenging to deal with because you don’t know what has upset this person or how to make them feel better and alleviate.
May 5th, 2014|Workforce Management|1 Comment

6 Dos and Don’ts For Any Contact Center

It’s often been said “don’t judge a book by its cover,” however, a cover doesn’t necessary have to be something visible to the eye. It can be an email, a visual impression or simply how you present yourself over the phone. Having professional interactions with customers will keep them happy and build a better reputation for your contact center. Here is a list of .
May 1st, 2014|Workforce Management|0 Comments
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