What Contact Center Supervisors Need To Know About Acoustic Shock

Acoustic shock. It’s something you probably have never heard of, but it’s been around for over a decade. If you aren’t aware of the term, not knowing might just imperil the acoustic safety of your contact center workforce. Acoustic shock disorder (ASD) is a condition that occurs when unannounced sounds, ones that are materially different to normal speech known.
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Internet Telephones Are Not All That They Seem To Be

In the modern world of digital media and wireless communication, being connected is as much a basic need as the necessity of water and electric utilities. And as with any other basic service, consumers are usually on the lookout for ways to save money. Voice over internet telephone service is an increasingly popular choice with consumers. Packages advertise unlimited.
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FCC Makes 911 Recommendations to Congress

The increasing array of communication devices and platforms is a challenge to emergency response services. Realizing that the current regulatory status is more a hindrance than a help, the FCC recently issued a report calling on Congress to act in the interest of 911 service providers. In many states, public safety answering points (PSAPs), because of long-standing.
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Customer Service Tips for your Contact Center

Contact centers more even than sales departments are dedicated to customer service. So identifying ways to enhance the customer experience is an ideal way to take a good performance program and make it great. Principles To Please A train can’t travel meaningfully without a destination, so a common vision of where you’d like the customer to be after completing a.
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Using Metrics to Improve Contact Center Performance

Any time communication takes place with customers there is an opportunity to enhance the image of your enterprise. Unfortunately, there are also the pitfalls of leaving the customer with a less than satisfactory experience. Optimizing contact center metrics can be a way to better your communication with customers – and that’s a means to advertise your company at the.
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9 Ways Contact Centers Can Improve Web Chat Interactions

As technology evolves new ways of communicating with customers, the problem of making sure that person-to-person communication does not become distorted by the digital medium is a real one. The ways we achieve customer satisfaction sometimes require special consideration. This is especially true with web chat. Missing nuances of tone and facial expressions, a chat.
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Radio Jamming A Growing Problem

It can be a matter of life and death: Private persons using radio-jamming devices to interfere with emergency responder communication. And it’s on the rise. Fire and rescue face extraordinary challenges in their efforts to save the lives and property of Americans everyday. When responding to a call for help, radio communication between responders and dispatch is a.
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Pulling A Team Together Around Performance Management

For any team to work and work well, there must be clear expectations and lines of communication. And there’s no way to avoid them:  Performance management is key to ensure your contact center team members are all pulling in the same direction. But if it’s so important, why is there such a sense of dread surrounding the topic of performance management? Because of.
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KOVA Is Proud To Sponsor The 2014 Police Unity Tour

The men and women of law enforcement dedicate every day to making our world a safer place. Because we know that real dedication to public safety entails risking the highest sacrifice, KOVA is deeply honored to sponsor the Police Unity Tour. History of the Tour The Tour began in early May 1997 when Officer Patrick P. Montuore of Florham Park Police Department organized a .
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