5 Tips to Deal with Angry Contact Center Callers

Whether your contact center agents are interacting with customers on the phone or online, incorporating positive words and phrases into the conversation is a sure way to improve those customers’ perception of the level of customer service they are receiving. And having a list of specific words and phrases available to choose from is a good way to boost the confidence .
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The Top Five Contact Center Trophies

It’s basic human psychology – everybody wants to be a winner. People are almost always willing to go the extra mile to win a competition, or to get a prize. While candy bars or other simple tokens do have the ability to motivate as prizes, the winner’s pay-off is much greater if the prize is lasting, like a trophy. Not only can the winner keep it forever as a.
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5 Tips for Providing Great Customer Service on Social Media

In a contact center, a lot of time is spent perfecting the art of serving a customer’s needs during a phone call. What do we say? How do we say it? When do we say it? When do we transfer? When can we handle the situation ourselves? In other words—how can we provide great customer service on the phone? When it comes to serving customers through social media, the way .
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Effects of Dress Code on Workforce Performance

Ah, the dreaded dress code debate. Everyone, from CEO to temp, seems to have a strong opinion about what is appropriate to wear in the workplace, and what is not. So how do you strike the right balance in your contact center? Well, it actually depends a lot on your specific company’s culture. If your agents are booking fun-in-the-sun vacations for callers, then a.
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9 Simple Tips For Improving Contact Center Workforce Satisfaction

It’s a simple fact – the happier your contact center workforce is, the higher your center’s level of customer service will be. A satisfied employee is one who will truly take ownership of their job, and will do what it takes to make customers happy. So how do you ensure that morale in your contact center is high, and that each and every employee feels a sense of.
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Tips for Adding an Element of Fun to Your Contact Center

Ever heard the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Well, that sentiment just as true for adults as it is for children. No matter what line of work we’re in, if there is no element of fun or play in what we do, burnout looms just around the corner. Of course, different things spell fun for different people. For some, pure enjoyment of their job.
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How to Prepare a Productive and Efficient Contact Center Meeting

Meetings can be an efficient way to discuss issues and solve problems as a team – or, if done ineffectively, a colossal waste of everyone’s time. To make sure that your contact center’s meetings are the former and not the latter, it’s important to have a game plan. Whether you’re planning a one-on-one meeting or a company-wide one, the preparation remains the.
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NENA Releases Guide to Handling Text-to-911 in the PSAP

As the call for PSAPs to accept 911 texts becomes more and more widespread, it appears inevitable that emergency call centers will soon have to deal with this additional method of communication. In order to prepare PSAPs for this likelihood, the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has released a guide to handling texts to 911, including PSAP management.
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The Top 4 Qualities of an Outstanding Call Center Supervisor

There’s an old saying that goes, “Agents don’t leave their call center job – they leave their direct supervisor.” And it makes sense. Supervisors who see their role as that of disciplinarian, or who feel it’s necessary to push their agents relentlessly, will create a much higher turnover rate than those who see themselves as coaches and mentors who lead by.
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Help Your Contact Center Employees Achieve Their Dreams

Sometimes when we talk about dreams, it can seem impractical, or even silly. Business is all about cold, hard facts - statistics, strategies, the bottom line – right? Well, not really. Businesses are made up of people…who spend their days doing things to help other people in some way. And this is especially true in a contact center. Agents have to make that human.
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