Required Skill Set for your Small Contact Center Manager

Good contact center managers possess a certain skill set to do well in their jobs. With many Americans reporting that they are generally unhappy with the customer service they receive from companies, it's important that the person you hire for the role is qualified and understands how to effectively manage a small contact center so that customers are served well and.
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Important Information for PSAPs About New In-Car 911 Buttons

The next time an agent in your Public Safety Answering Point hears a robotic voice when he or she answers the phone, they shouldn’t hang up, thinking it’s a robocall – it could actually be a matter of life and death. According to a recent news release from the National Emergency Number Association, certain vehicles in the latest line of cars from Chrysler Group.
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10 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

Everybody knows that it costs much less to keep a customer than to attract a new one. And every interaction your contact center has with a customer is an opportunity to build on that person’s sense of loyalty to your company. By implementing the following ten tips, you can help your contact center excel at satisfying those valuable existing customers.    1. See.
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Tips to Combat the Security Risks for Contact Center

The SANS Institute recently conducted a study of contact centers’ level of preparedness to handle social engineering-based attacks, in which a criminal posing as a customer tricks a CSR into revealing private account information. While progress has been made in the areas of employee awareness and even training, most contact centers still do not feel that they are.
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4 Tips For Building Rapport With Contact Center Customers

Regardless of the type of contact center you run, it’s always a good business practice to train your employees to work to establish rapport with customers during every contact, whether over the phone or online. If customers feel that they have a friendly relationship with an individual contact center agent, those positive feelings will carry over to the company.
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9 Tips for Value Engineering Your Contact Center Cubicles

“Do more with less.” How often have you had to put that line into practice in your contact center? From operating costs to workforce scheduling, every dimension of your business has to be scrutinized and made as lean and economical as possible, without affecting performance. When it comes to the physical assets of your company, like furniture and cubicles, it can.
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Emergency Texting Services

In an emergency situation, it’s important for people to be able to contact an emergency communications center as quickly as possible. Remember the days when the fastest way to get help on the road was to find a pay phone? Or the scary movies where cutting a landline was all it took to make calling for help impossible? These days, of course, everyone just whips out their .
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4 Strategies Your Contact Center Can Use To Keep Customers Happy

Great customer service is something every contact center strives for. But did you know that investments in improving customer service actually provide a higher ROI than advertising and marketing do? It’s true, according to a new study conducted by the W.P. Carey School of Business, in collaboration with Customer Care Management and Consulting (CCMC). That same study .
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Productivity Difference between Temporary & Permanent Employees

When holidays approach, or an uptick in call volume is expected, contact centers often take advantage of the flexibility that temporary workers can provide. But just how beneficial are temporary workers, really, to a contact center’s performance level? How productive are they, compared with permanent employees? And does it matter, if they’re only being used for a.
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KOVA Recently Awarded GSA Contract with the Federal Government

We here at KOVA are excited to announce that we have just been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract with the federal government! In case you were wondering, the GSA is the centralized authority for the acquisition and management of federal government resources. GSA Schedule Contracts assist federal employees in purchasing products and.
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