Customer Service-Driven Marketing

Whether your realize it or not, your call center agents may be your organization's best tool in meeting its marketing objectives. When you look at some of the most successful brands, many of them rely on customer service driven models to increase their bottom lines. And in order to do this -- achieve maximum customer satisfaction -- organizations have to be truly focused.
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Implementing Social Media in your Call Center

As social media continues to play a major role in how companies engage and  support their customer's needs, an increasing number of companies are evaluating whether this engagement requires its own department or if it can be incorporated into the existing customer support infrastructure. If call centers handle customer service, the question becomes how, and to what.
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Should 911 Centers Be Funded by Cell Phone Surcharges or Taxpayer Funds?

The debate has been raging for some time now, and though petitions have been circulated online, the issue still remains. Should 911 call centers be funded by cell phone surcharges or by taxpayer funds? In New York State (as well as in seven other states across the nation), the $1.20 cell phone surcharge, which used to be called the 911 surcharge, does not help fund 911 .
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7 Tips for Dealing with Angry Contact Center Customers

No matter what type of contact center you run, from customer service to technical support to sales, eventually, your employees are going to have to deal with an angry customer. It’s never a pleasant experience, but there are steps that can be taken to make sure that the situation is handled as smoothly as possible, and that the customer hangs up feeling calmer than when .
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4 Factors to Consider when Choosing UC Solutions Vendors

Effective UC (unified communications) solutions can play an integral role in streamlining the communication processes and outcomes for any contact center. As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, a well-thought-out UC (unified communications) plan that allows for ongoing change can help your enterprise communicate more efficiently and ultimately, more.
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9 Tips for Managing Remote Contact Center Agents

With a growing number of organizations taking advantage of the cost savings associated with at-home, or remote call center agents, managers are learning new ways of overseeing and guiding these employees.  Best practices associated with managing remote agents are similar to what works well in leading traditional contact centers: hiring the right people, who are not only.
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Top 3 Best Practices for Contact Centers

Contact centers can be costly to an organization if they aren't structured to operate effectively and efficiently. In addition to operational excellence, contact centers must also be able to retain good employees by providing a positive work environment that supports personal and professional growth.  To ensure that your contact center is functioning well on all these.
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Verint Named 2013 Speech Analytics Winner

We here at KOVA are thrilled to announce that our partner, Verint Systems, Inc., was recently honored with a 2013 Market Leader award from Speech Technology Magazine in the Speech Analytics category. In order to determine who deserves this prestigious prize each year, the publication considers the following criteria: affordability, customer satisfaction, ease of use,.
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Impact of Cloud in Contact Center Environments

A spring 2013 study by CMIQ shows that more contact center stakeholders are either planning to install or investigate new cloud and hosted technologies in 2013 and 2014, but some major factors still stand in the way. In their Spring 2013, Executive Report on Call Center Technology, Adoption, Reliability and Usability, CMIQ surveyed 111 contact center and customer.
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Introducing KOVA’s New Mobile Recording Solution!

KOVA is excited to announce its latest offering: Our brand new Mobile Recording Solution! Finally, professionals on the go have a way to use their smart phones to capture critical information on site, such as interviews and photos, categorize that data on the spot by assigning it a name or number, and then instantly transmit that information to their office’s central.
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